Construction industry Scheme - CIS

we guarantee your protection surrounding all hMRC legislation

While using subcontractors for your company, there are many advantages as well as complicated factors that can be involved within construction industry schemes. A situation in which your company may occur financial risk could result in effecting your entire business.

Your company has the risk of inspection, which can lead to penalties and fines. Although you may have contracts in place, which may not be the required standard of being satisfactory or if you have failed to understand legislation that is constantly changing, your subcontractors could be considered as employees.

The labour market is characterised by the prevalence of short-term contracts as opposed to permanent jobs. This risen situation needs to be dealt by subcontractors often when they are backed up by their union. Your company can be taken to employment tribunal to claim holiday pay or unfair dismissal.

your cIS risks are eliminated with infinity

we process your payroll

Infinity takes on the role as a contractor, we carry out all the administrative tasks associated with your assignment and status. Our service provides the handling of invoicing, receiving payments from your company or agency, processing of your payments and deductions of CIS tax.

By using our services, you will no longer be directly linked to the subcontractors, we contract with them and take on any risk status challenges and employment law.

Infinity is a subcontractor who sits in the chain correctly. Our contracts are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure compliance. Our contracts have been drafted upon our experience and our unparalleled understanding of the construction industry.

personal accident cover

Whilst contracting with Infinity Solutions we ensure all our subcontractors are covered under our personal accident cover, to assist any subcontractor who is unable to work due to having an accident on site.

cut out your Administration burden & risk

we protect you and your Subcontractors

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