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What we do

Once you start using Infinity, you can become fully compliant with IR35 legislation. Since you do not connect directly with the end client or the agency, Infinity takes that responsibility on your behalf, you do not have to deal with any employment status related issues.

Infinity, provides a payroll service on behalf of the contractors and bill the agency or end client for work completed by the contractor. We process wages through PAYE with the added benefits of offsetting some of the income through claiming expenses, we act as the employer and offer additional support.

the off-payroll rules apply - iR35

These rules apply if the contractor provides a service through their own limited company, directly to the end client. This is to pay the same Income Tax and National contributions known as IR35. If a worker provides their services to a client through an intermediary, they will be classed as an employee if they were contracted directly.

IR35 Refers to anti-avoidance tax Legislation are you ready for the changes?


  • Contractors get rights – Statutory sick pay, holiday pay, maternity and paternity pay, and a workplace pension.
  • Reduced administrative – we deal with, invoicing chasing payment, sending timesheets and payroll.
  • Useful for short-term contractors – there is no need to set-up a limited company.

how it works

  1. Once the contractor has secured a role, Infinity will sign a contract with your recruitment agency or end client. The contractor will sign a contract with Infinity.
  2. Contractor will submit the timesheet to Infinity or the recruitment agency, who will invoice the client.
  3. When Infinity receives the payment, we will process the payroll. Salary will be paid, which deducts income tax, national insurance contributions, pension contributions and Infinity fee. Contractor can reclaim allowable expenses, which Infinity should process.
  4. Infinity will produce a payslip which will be available on our online portal, this will show take-home pay and all the deductions.

Are you aware of the implications of being inside IR35?

Our online web portal system

Our web portal is a specially designed website that allows contractors to access to import data and payslips.

  • To download payslips
  • Add Expenses to upload receipts for Mileage Claims, Travel Fares, Travel Fees, Subsistence.



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