Construction Industry Scheme CIS Services London

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Services

We provide outsourced CIS payroll services to recruiters and contractors across London and the South East.

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What is the Construction Industry Scheme?

CIS (the construction industry scheme) is an HMRC scheme that sets out the rules for how payments to subcontractors that are made in the construction industry. It is designed to identify and reclassify workers that are hired as subcontractors but are de facto engaged directly by the business. This has implications for tax they need to pay, how they pay it, and other legislation.

Due to the fluidity of contract work in the construction industry, it is common for companies to engage large numbers of subcontractors on short-term contracts. Traditionally this has been done on a self-employed basis. These arrangements can have tax advantages for a business but also carry a great liability.

As a business, how do you know when you are dealing with someone who is classified as self-employed or an employee? what happens if you have engaged with the same subcontractors for some time and then find out later circumstances had changed? You can become liable for tax due to HMRC or even worse a fine for non-compliance.

There Is A Solution

At The Infinity Group, we offer a CIS payroll service where we take care of all the legal requirements on your behalf. We engage with the subcontractor and simply bill you for their payments. This system isolates your business from them completely so there is no way that they could be classified as employed. This system is recognised and approved by HMRC.

Construction Industry Scheme CIS Services London

What CIS services do we provide?

Infinity Group is a contracting company that provides construction services to clients.

Our CIS service protects you from the risk that HMRC might reclassify your subcontractors as employed, putting your business at risk of penalties.

You are fully protected from HMRC fines, insurance claims, penalties, and checks for illegal subcontractors. We can eliminate any risk because our service provides your business with total isolation from the subcontractor. We also ensure that all status checks are completed, and documentation is filled to ensure full compliance with all regulations.

We manage the full application lifecycle from onboarding contract, with no setup or exit fees, so you can add or remove subcontractors easily at any time.

We provide a complete payroll service, handling their tax deductions and reporting. Each month, we send a complete return to HMRC of all payments made to subcontractors within the scheme. With all of that handled on your behalf, we simply invoice you at the end of each week for the services provided.

Construction Industry Scheme CIS Services London
Construction Industry Scheme CIS Services London

Why use Infinity for CIS payroll service?

CIS compliant

File CIS Tax Returns

File CIS300 Reports

Subcontractor verification

Right-to-work checks

Payroll calculations

Personal Accident Insurance

Public liability Insurance

IR35 compliant

Legislation updates

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