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The Infinity Group offers the full suite of IR35 umbrella company services for businesses across London and the South East.

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What is IR35?

IR35 is a term used to describe two sets of tax legislation in the UK that were designed to combat tax avoidance by companies and the contract workers that they hire. The IR35 legislation is intended to define more clearly what it is to be an employee whose pay has tax and NIC (National Insurance Contributions) deducted at source. As opposed to being a self-employed contractor who is paid in full and then produces a tax return at the end of the year. This can have a significant effect on tax paid because a self-employed tax return can easily offset expenses against profit so that less, or in some cases, no tax is due.

Off-Payroll Legislation

The Off-payroll legislation changes introduced now mean that firms are now responsible for determining the contractor’s status and pay employment taxes on top of the fees paid to the contractor. This puts the burden of compliance squarely on the employer, and the risk of getting it wrong is so high that many firms now shy away from direct contractor employment. Instead, an IR35 umbrella company is used to isolate the contractor from the client.

How can we help

The Infinity Group provides a full suite of IR35 umbrella company services that completely remove the risk of employing contractors. We handle the whole employment lifecycle and take full responsibility for all employer-related responsibilities. The end client or recruitment agency can add and remove workers whenever they need to. And we simply invoice each month for work delivered.

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