HMRC Compliance Protection London

HMRC Compliance Protection

Ensuring your business in London and the South East stays HMRC CIS compliant.

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Why Do I Need HMRC Compliance Protection?

Engaging large numbers of subcontractors as part of your business operations comes with a minefield of legislation requirements and risk. HMRC CIS compliance is key to ensuring your business does not become subject to a status investigation.

Does your accounts department have the time to check the status of every subcontractor on your book every month?

 Any one of them could have changed their circumstances and so leaving your whole business open to investigation.

There is a simple solution to ensure that your keep your HMRC CIS compliance.

The Infinity Group can handle all your HMRC CIS compliance requirements and guarantee protection from an HMRC status investigation or fine. We ensure that you stay HMRC CIS compliant, and this removes all financial liability from your business.

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